Frictionless Infinite Yield
The Wyvern token algorithm enables the automatic and continuous distribution of Wyvern tokens to every wallet that holds Wyvern. The tokens distributed are generated from a 10% transaction fee levied on all Wyvern token transactions, including buying, selling, and transferring tokens from wallet to wallet.
Fifty percent of the realized fee is automatically locked in the Wyvern token liquidity pool, while the other 50% is distributed as rewards to every Wyvern holder wallet according to the ratio of their holdings to the current circulating supply.
The transaction fees, as well as the redistribution of the tokens to holder wallets, are designed to encourage long-term storing of Wyvern in order to maintain modest levels of market volatility. This system creates an infinite stream of Wyvern token rewards for holders, regardless of the trading price of Wyvern.
Last modified 2mo ago
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