Referral System
Wyvern has a Referral System that will help Wyvern with brand awareness and provide an income to those who promote Wyvern with their unique affiliate link.

Get Started

Step One | Click Here https://t.me/WyvernDragonbot Step Two | Join the Telegram Group: https://t.me/WyvernToken Step Three | Link your Wallet Address by typing the following command /link your-wallet-address
After completing step three you will receive your own unique affiliate link, you will earn Wyvern when someone clicks on your link and joins the Wyvern Community Telegram Group Chat


Command Action
Provides Command-List
/link your-wallet-address
Grants you your Referal Link & Creates Your Account
Request a Withdraw (May take up to 48 hours to receive your funds)
Reveals your Balance
Reveals your number of successful referrals
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