Reflect Finance
Among the various innovations made possible by blockchain and decentralized technologies is the concept of reflector tokens, implemented using smart contracts.
A Reflect Finance Token (RFT) is a digital unit of value (token or digital currency) that is programmed to generate continuous token rewards to its holders from the transaction fees realized from network activities such as buying, selling, and transferring tokens.
Wyvern token is an excellent implementation of the reflector token concept that uses in-built smart contract-based artificial intelligence to manage and execute transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. Wyvern token ($WYVERN) collects a 10% transaction fee for each transaction and frictionlessly distributes 50% of the taxed tokens to all wallets holding Wyvern according to the volume of Wyvern held. The remaining Wyvern generated from transaction fees is divided and contributed towards various purposes including providing trading liquidity and platform maintenance, while the rest is taken out of circulation to manage the potential for price inflation.
Wyvern’s taxation redistribution system is implemented using smart contracts written in Solidity and running on the blockchain, offering a transparent and independent automated passive rewards stream for all holders of the token.
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