Wyvern Team
Get to know the people behind the creation of Wyvern
Kyle Chisamore | CEO of Wyvern
Kyle began his journey into crypto 4 years ago with $26 CAD worth of Bitcoin, after becoming fascinated with the crypto space he began to learn how to trade and traded his way up to 6 Bitcoin in 2 in and half years' worth of trading. When discovering Ethereum's feature of allowing any developer to create a smart contract Kyle knew immediately that he had to study and learn how to code solidity to take that next step into crypto. After the Dogecoin craze and the rush of rug pulls scams, Kyle decided we wanted to form a team to create an asset that people can use as a safe haven against scams, inflation, and high-risk volatility.
Karan Pimpale | CMO of Wyvern
Karan got into cryptocurrencies just 2 years back. During the initial days, it was just about BTC and ETH for him, with no fundamental analysis or technical know-how to show for. But over the span of 2 years he has become more and more involved with the crypto community, learning about the finer concepts and technicalities in this vast field, and now hopes to help other newbies like he once was get into the crypto scene.
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